Gold IRA Storage Options

Due to financial uncertainties, many investors are considering investing in gold or other metal currencies. If you have an existing IRA or a 401k, investing a portion of that capital in gold can protect your wealth and investments from inflation.

Stock prices experience dramatic changes, while gold retains its value, that’s why experts recommend holding gold in your investment portfolio. One way to do this is by utilizing a home gold storage.

How Home Gold Storages Works

Simply put, making use of home gold storages makes you the custodian of your own IRA. You will be able to purchase gold or silver coins using the funds in your IRA. These coins will be then stored in a safety deposit box or home safe.

Costs Associated With Home Gold Storages

Setting up gold IRA home storage require some prior requirements, some of these include:

Having a net worth of over $250,000 after incorporationCreating a limited liability company (LLC)Performing detailed annual auditHaving corporate legal counsel on retainer.

Do Home Gold Storages Offer Greater Liquidity?

In terms of liquidity, that’s not exactly the case. On behalf of the LLC, you are required to either find a buyer in local pawn shops or ship and return the metals to the dealer. Additionally, local pawnshops usually charge huge amounts of liquidation fees that may negatively impact your profit. Mailing metal currencies to a new firm can also be very expensive, due to shipping and insurance fees.

Are Home Gold Storages Legal?

According to the IRS code, storing gold at home without fulfilling the requirements is illegal. Firms require you to do certain requirements first before you are allowed to store gold at home legally. It is important to remember that home gold storages are likely to cause you taxes and sometimes, penalties.


Many investors consider investing in the gold currency due to financial uncertainties. One way to do this is by utilizing home gold storages, where you store physical gold at home. However, home gold storages don’t necessarily lead to greater liquidity and may incur huge amounts of fees throughout the buyer-finding and shipping processes. Using these storages is legal, as long as you do all the requirements and pay the necessary fees or penalties that come along with it. Make sure to do your due diligence before engaging with any gold IRA provider that offer home storage as not all of them are legit. Check independent and trustworthy comparison sites for gold IRA reviews concerning home storage services.