Car Title Loans – Instant Finance for Serious Necessity

Car title loans refer to the use of vehicles to secure immediate loans. Car title loans are definitely for the benefit of the people who require financial assistance in the face of urgent necessity. There are two options present in the financial market for securing car title loans.

A lending agent verifies the loan application submitted by a borrower and approves it. He, then, instantly advances the loan amount. The borrower will not get the car immediately, as the lender keeps the car with him. He keeps the car so long the borrower does not pay off the entire loan amount along with interest. The lender enjoys a right to sell the car to realize his investment if the borrower does not clear the loan.

In the second option, the lender allows the borrower to take his vehicle as he does not want to keep the car with him. The borrower will have the right to use the vehicle, but he will give a set of keys of the vehicle to the lender to keep. The borrower must have some property of worth in his name. Property of worth may be in the form of a piece of land, a home, real estate, etc. He must allow using the property to be pledged as security. The lender will have the right to take possession of this property if the borrower does not or cannot clear the loan amount.

The loan-seekers should keep in mind that they must clear the loan amount within the stipulated tenure because car title loans are actually short term loans for which interest rates are charged at higher rates. The financial burden will be unbearable if they default or cannot duly honor the loan agreement. The tenure for repayment is simply short, and it is between 14 and 31 days.

The borrower must be entitled to car title loans. He must be at least 21 years old and must be a citizen of the United Kingdom. His monthly income must be at least £1000. He must have an active bank account. This is required as the lender transfers the loan amount to the bank account of the applicant after he approves the application. The applicant must be working in any officially authorized establishment.

The lending agencies that offer car title loans are ready to receive the loan application from the loan-seekers. Application for car title loans can be submitted offline and online.